Pastor and Congregational Sabbatical

“To walk a sacred path, each of us must find our own touchstone that puts us in contact with the invisible thread (the Divine).” Lauren Artress 

A send off for Pastor Bobbi followed our Easter Service, April 21st, 2019

RELEASE: Pastor Bobbi released by relaxing into a rhythm of simple living with a six-day experience on the island of Iona. There she found a place to connect with the sacred mystery of the land.

RECEIVE: She will receive the gifts of hospitality and walk the path of the Way of Saint James with the guidance of Duperier’s:Authentic Journeys on the Camino de Santiago for 100 miles to Camino de Compostela where Pasi will meet her to travel on to Zaragoza, Spain where she lived the first couple of years of her life. “Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight into the spiritual journey” Lauren Artress, founder of the Veriditas Labyrinth Project

Camino de Santiago

Return: Pastor Bobbi returned to Chartres Cathedral with Pasi and family friends Sharry and Joe Nyberg for the opportunity to finally walk the Labyrinth that was covered due to construction when she and Sharry were there in May of 2016 on a Pentecost Pilgrimage. Pastor Bobbi returned to the United States to rest, play and renew her soul with family and friends.

Chartres Cathedral

The Congregation mirrored Pastor Bobbi’s sabbatical with the following activities: 

On April 28th, Jennifer Johnson facilitated a Sacred geometry and Celtic Spirituality workshop.

Celtic design
The interconnectedness of the Sacred and secular

In May, June and July, a series of scheduled Focused Awareness Walks were scheduled for a variety of skill levels.

On July 20th, a “Walking Your Spirituality” workshop with the labyrinth was facilitated by Veriditas certified Mary Ellen Webber.

Our United Church of Ferndale Labyrinth

Pastoral Presence during the Sabbatical was offered by Rev. Joel Aosved who offered pastoral care. The congregation had an opportunity to meet and greet Joel on Palm Sunday, April 14 following worship.

August 3rd, we had an All Church Retreat to share stories and reunite with Pastor Bobbi at the Semiahmoo Cannery Building.