Come Worship

Community Worship at 10:30 on Sundays

During this time of pandemic, we are offering Sunday worship at 10:30 am on Facebook Live. We also have previous worship services available on our YouTube channel. Please email the office manager at for more information on how to participate.

What you can expect.

Children’s Chapel

Currently, while we are meeting on line, the children will be put into a breakout room together with the Children’s Chapel teacher Miss Rozlin after hearing a special children’s moment given by Pastor Joel or other designated members of the congregation. Before they leave us we sing them a lovely song written by Tom Hunter:

May the Love of God Fill You

May the love of God fill you from your head down to your toes. May it wiggle through your fingers and dance upon your nose.
May the people all around you help you live so loving grows
May the love of God fill you up until it overflows